Friday, July 26, 2013

day in your life ... Loni Phipps ...

Are you ready for another day in your life ... i love these little insights, the small things that show the world of others, like a sneak peak. There's something beautiful in the small moments that make up a day, the simple things we sometimes overlook but the impact they have on our lives. So without further ado i will hand you over to Loni, don't forget you can find her on etsy too. & that we will be back here tomorrow with someone elses day :) xx

5:20; time to get up and make hubby’s lunch. He’s on first shift, I work evenings. If I don’t get up, I don’t get to see him all week. He doesn’t get home before I leave and he has to be in bed before I get home :-(

Back to bed, wait for him to text me that he’s made it safely through the commute on bloody I-95. 
Try to catch a few more winks. 
Alarm goes off again at 8:00
A couple of snooze taps later, I’m up to start my day with super easy breakfast cookies hot out of the oven.

Our friend hasn’t been over lately and he has so missed her, lots of kisses.
More blues bottles from the gallery event on Friday to add to my collection.

I want to come back as a domestic cat in my next life please. 
Eat and sleep for Miss Cally while I head out to the “day job”.   The back door opens and it’s time to unload a truck.

Back home, do a little editing and check the art fair schedules to see if there is anything new.  
Can you tell that I like post-its?
Time for round one of my shift sleeping, g’night.

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