Friday, November 7, 2014

The fPOE Macro Lens Challenge

    The challenge:  To use a macro lens of any make or focal length, diopters, or bellows and show off our diversity!  More challenges like this are in the works!  Enjoy!  


Title: Yellow Dandelion
Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: 24-70mm @ f/2.8 with 10x diopter

Title: Fairytopia
Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Sigma 105mm Macro @ f/2.8

Title: Droplets of Rose Pink
Camera: Canon 550D
Lens: 50mm macro lens + Extension Tube EF25 II

Title: Ostentatious
Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Manual 55mm Nikkor @ f/3.5 and attached to an antique macro bellows.

Title: Cat
Lens: Sigma 150mm EX Macro @ f/2.8

Title: Fall Branches
Lens: Tamron 90mm Macro @ f/4.5

Lens: Lensbaby Composer Pro @ f/2.8 with the 8mm & 16mm macro converter attachments.

Lens: 28-90mm Nikkor @ f/5.6 on the macro setting.

Title: Brave Spirit
Lens:  Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro @ f/2.8

Title: I Spy
Lens: Sony 30mm @ f/2.8

Lens: Tokina 100mm Macro @ f/4.0

Title:  On Gaurd
Lens: Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro @ f/5.6

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Day in the Life of Patricia Migliore

October 15: A Day in the Life of Patricia Migliore of Roselight Studio.

Wednesday, October 15th was suppose to be a vacation day for me! My husband had a weeks vacation and we had planned to be down at the Jersey Shore for a good part of the week.

But when a regular client contacted me with a job, it was impossible to turn down the opportunity to work. So we trimmed 2 days off our planned getaway so that I could photograph an internal conference at the local convention center for a major international pharmaceutical company.

I cut my teeth as a photographer in my 20's doing just this sort of work for a large insurance company and I know that the pace is going to be grueling.

After finding a place to safely stash my extra equipment and having a good look at my schedule, I make a quick stop at the coffee station to get a bit of caffeine to keep me going. Then I head in to the ballroom to find myself a seat that gives me good access to photograph the podium and move around the room without getting in people's way. Since the events are being webcast internationally, I take a quick scan of the video set up and their line of view to make sure that I stay out of it!

Test shot of the podium. This is going to be my view off and on throughout the day. But this is not all sitting around!! The presentations in the ballroom are just a small portion of what is planned so I am racing in and out at a quiet but rapid pace.

If I am not running, I am waiting. I must keep my cell phone on but it is kept on vibrate (throughout the conference, I am at the beck and call of literally a dozen people!). But when things get slow, I surreptitiously check it for business emails and really important stuff like the news feeds of social media!

Whats in the bag?? Two Nikons, three lenses, one Quantum Q-Flash, three Quantum batteries, a JustRite Bracket, one Nikon SB-800 outfitted with one pretty expensive piece of Tupperware that I have borrowed from a friend to try out before buying (the jury is out on this one.......somehow I resist spending $125 on something that needs gaffer tape to keep it in place). Also; extra batteries and media cards. If this isn't enough, there is back up equipment in the car.

This conference is not about is about food....endless amounts. The continental breakfast gets cleared away and morning coffee and snacks set up. That gets cleared up for lunch....which gets cleared up for afternoon coffee and cookies.

And that is not all! Every trade booth has a candy bowl. You can tell Halloween is just around the corner.

One trade vendor had a popcorn machine.

Photo 8: Favorite trade vendor giveaways: pens and thingies that you squeeze to relieve stress. Every conference I shoot, I try to get a unique one. I have a little doctor, a lobster and now a pony.

This conference spread across two buildings connected by a covered walkway. When the participants go off to break out sessions, they are spread across two buildings, two floors and six meeting areas. EVERYTHING must be covered and I race back and forth between buildings, up and down floors and in and out of rooms. At one point, I realize that in one building, there are speakers giving seven minute presentations and in another building there is a panel discussion at the exact same time. I do a quick estimate and decide that if I photograph one speaker right at the beginning, I have approximately 12 minutes to dash to the other building to photograph the panel and dash back before the next speaker is wrapping up. That's the game plan. My speaker goes up. But she keeps her eyes cast down on her papers as she speaks. Not good. I stand there, camera up to my eye, watching for my chance. My brain is screaming "Look up, look up, look up.....PLEASE look up!!" Finally she does, I get my shot and off I race. I got them all. Comfortable shoes!

Little breaks in the covered walkway showing off the hotel landscaping is my entire view of the outside world for two days. But that is ok. As Wednesday ends, I race home where husband and dog are waiting. Within 45 minutes the car is unloaded and reloaded and we are heading south!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Day in the Life of Chelsea Davis-Sullens

October 15: A Day in the Life of Chelsea Davis-Sullens of Loud Waterfall Photography; all photos taken with iPhone 5s

My big plans for today were to drop the kiddo at preschool & then spend the day curled up with the baby who is getting too big too fast and snap some photos of him with the big camera. The best laid plans ....

.... Instead, I'm up before dawn taking temperatures & measuring out Tylenol.

If I'm up & tea isn't ready yet, I "suppose" I could be productive in the kitchen. But first, some pretty sunrise ambiance.

I love how colorful the hand wash rack is these days. Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to just chucking them all into the washer but there is something strangely cathartic and peaceful about sudsy bubbles, hot water, and a sink full of little bowls and spoons.

4 years old going on 20 most days. But in the doctors office she seems small again.

After getting home, I pop in a movie to keep her down & quiet. I think it's more for me than her. And the baby loves the attention.

With a few moments to myself, I quickly package up a print headed to the east coast. Only going to have time for one order since I can already hear the natives stirring .....

Grandma rescues me for an hour so I can dash out to the store. I've managed to get my order out before the postman arrives - one less errand!

Starting to scope out fruits & veggies for baby food. How can he be ready for solids already??

I can't always get to the Farmers Market so the store will have to do.

Well, the cart is full. The list is all checked off. My PS Frap is all gone, damnit. Guess I need to check out.

Everyone is asleep. Dishes from dinner are soaking. Time to prep tomorrow's order & try to fall asleep before the babe wakes up and needs to eat.

Ok, not asleep yet, but this definitely beats housework. I love our few stolen moments together. There won't be that many more. Night!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter

October 15: A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter; all taken with iPhone

Up at 5:45 to workout. Love T25 and the fact that it only takes 25 minutes!

Sleepy girl :) 
Sleepy boy. At least he made it off the bed and onto my lap.

Daddy has been sucked into the sleeping too :)

Breakfast before preschool and then Madeleine's urologist appointment up in Portland.

How I love a freshly made bed.

Kids at preschool on this cloudy misty morning. I forgot to take any photos until I was back out in the car.

Two delightfully quiet hours at Starbucks while the kiddos are in preschool. Reading and knitting!

I couldn't bear to make this one black and white. So close to being done with this shawl--the Ashburn Shawl! I love it so very much.

Gorgeously cloudy up in Portland

The view of the Portland Aerial Tram from the 7th-floor waiting room in Doernbecher's Children Hospital.

We got good news at the urologist about Madeleine's hydronephrosis. Her right kidney is doing significantly better so now we can push out the next appointment 6 months! Hooray!

But I was exhausted and distracted the rest of the day until just before bedtime.

Playing with whatever she pleases while brother is at AWANA. Little sister win!

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter

September 15: A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter of Studio Claire; all taken with iPhone

I spent almost all of the month of September traveling to Texas then NYC then Boston then Texas again where I spent a week and a half with my family. On this day, we went to the Houston Children's Museum with my sister's regional homeschool group. The museum is closed for the day to everyone except homeschoolers, so it was much less crowded than usual!

 My parents' coffee table covered in kid clutter :)

 On the way to the museum, singing and reading and playing.

In "Kidtropolis", working in the police car and ambulance. 

Fun road-building activity table in the City Planning area.

Eating lots and lots of fake food in the restaurant. (Note: plastic salad looks exactly as gross as you think it would.) 

Veterinarian Madeleine to the rescue!  

Benjamin charges steep steep rates for his veterinary services. 

Fun on the Kid Pulley (taken by my sister) 

The highest air pressure we ever built up under the rocket was 25psi and then let it fly! (You can see the speedy whoosh of the rocket in the middle tube.)

Tired kiddos reading with their Mia :)

And then I forgot to take photos the rest of the day. But just imagine naps, dinner, playing, and bath time...all with perfect attitudes....