Friday, July 26, 2013

day twenty-five ... windows and doors ...

I think we're all familiar with the many things that windows and doors can symbolize--new beginnings when they're open and secrets when they're closed, for example. But those just seem too limited for the photographs from yesterday's challenge. Windows and doors can be open and closed, hopeful and hopeless, old and new. In other words, they can be anything and everything.


@iruscalleda and @zoeewithlove

The photo challenge ends on the 31st, but there's still time to join. To find out more, check out this post. And follow us on Instagram @f_poe and #JulyPhotoChallengeFPOE.

top row: @dullbluelight and @shyphotog
bottom row: @majasofiekristiansen and @polaroidcupcake6

@kimlucian and @vintaget


top row: @barbziemer and @irenessneddon
bottom row: @sjhale57 and @susiegrafie



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