Tuesday, July 23, 2013

day in your life ... Claire Carpenter ...

Yesterday we got to spend a day with Blaire Ring ... so fun seeing what you ladies get up to ... & today we are spending the day with Claire Carpenter of Studio Claire (& you can check out more of her beautiful photography on etsy). & we will be back tomorrow with you know another "day in the life"! Have a wonderful day. xx

I try to keep Mondays nice and slow, for me and my two kiddos. So on this day, we stayed home most of the day: I baked our weekly bread, folded diapers, took my 18-month-old on and off the little potty at least 32 times, ate snacks on the fold-out sofa, brought in the newspaper, played in the tents, read books, and hid in the pillows before naps. And then Daddy got home and we ventured out to Subway for sandwiches and yogurt parfaits. It was a good day. A slow day. And a quiet night with a lovely moon.

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