Tuesday, July 23, 2013

day twenty-two ... 11:00 a.m. ....

What varied lives we lead. Of course, I knew this already. But on challenge days like this, it becomes so clear what rich and beautiful, sincere and full, colorful and bright lives we lead. And amazingly we're able to capture a tiny slice of that with our little phones :)


Top Row: @irenessneddon and @semisweetstudios
Bottom Row: @mandybryant and @shyphotog


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Top Row: @kimfearheiley and @polaroidcupcake6
Bottom Row: @msbellee and @melvanius

Top Left: @bal93 / Top Right: @elizaville
Middle Right: @vintaget
Bottom Row: @miabellaexpressions, @anaojmg, @bellehibou

Top Row: @sunshinelarose and @prettypetalstudio
Bottom Row: @gallery32 and @mariannadiff

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