Monday, December 1, 2014

A Day in the Life of Jessica Chevalier

November 15: A Day in the Life of Jessica Chevalier of Lost in the Valley Photography and Squirrel on a Ledgetop

Let me start by saying my life isn't always this exciting, but I'm glad it was on this fPOE your day!  All of these photos except the last one were taken with my iPhone 4s, the perfect tool for a challenge like this! 
In the morning I woke up and jumped right into a food photography project! 
Preparing the potatoes!

Whipping up the potatoes! 
My lovely assistant (the boyfriend) scooped out the interiors of two pumpkins in preparation of the dish I'm making.

Sauteing up some hamburg, pork, celery, onions, garlic, and spices in my favorite Le Creuset pan!

Mixed the potatoes and meat together and then stuffed some pumpkins!

After nearly an hour on 350 in the oven, two slightly golden pumpkins emerge!

Did the food photography shoot in my studio!
After all of the fun cooking, we got ready for date night! The best night of the week!
We arrived on Burlington's (VT) famous Church St.
 A brand spanking new L.L.Bean store!  I think the boyfriend would look dashing in these flannels!

 Lake Champlain Chocolates?  YES, PLEASE!

Next stop Leunig's Bistro for some fabulous French cuisine! 

Roasted Veggie soup with pesto and Asiago cheese.

Dessert!  So good!! 
A little ambiance! 
Our Town put on in the UVM theatre was fabulous!

 The Catamount mascot for UVM where we went to catch a play!

Last but not least, taken with my Canon Mark III & canon 50mm macro lens, is one of the food photographs I took that day! What a jam packed day!


  1. Nice story and photos! Love Vermont!!

  2. What a great post. I wish I could eat your stuffed pumpkin now :)


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