Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Day in the Life of Katerina Vodrazkova

November 15: Katerina Vodrazkova of Over the Rainbow Prints

All photos in this post are taken by HTC mobile phone and some of them processed by Snapseed app.

I was looking forward to the Saturday 15th November as I was going to visit a wool exhibition and planned to share some photos with you, fPOE blog readers.

I started the day by walking to the farmers market. It is approx 3.5 km from my home and the walk goes through nice residential area with nearly no cars there. This brisk 30 minute walk became a part of my health/fitness routine long before I started with running and so that is how I usually start my Saturdays, get some fresh veggies and take a tram home (I do not like to walk back with full bags of groceries).

Another part of this little routine is buying something sweet from a baker that specialises in French luxury tartlets and macaroons. This time I tried the tartlet with milk chocolate and passion fruit topping. Yummy.

After getting my groceries home I set off to the wool exhibition. I am not only a photographer, but I also make felt and fibre accessories and home decor, that you can find in my KV Designs Etsy shop and I planned to buy some new material. Not that I necessarily need any, but you know how it is with craft material :)

The exhibition took place in the stables of Toulcův Dvůr. It is a little farm in the middle of the city with many ecology and sustainability activities organised for children and schools during the week.

And here comes the main catch of the day – I was so taken to admiring and touching and cuddling all the lovely soft woolly and silken yarns and scarves and other goodies, that I forgot to take any photos. So at least, when I got home I took few photos of the goodies I bought – some merino silk for sea inspired scarf or tunic, some mohair and locks for adding textures. Cannot wait to use them in my projects.

When I got home it was time to make a cup of tea and bake some cupcakes for Sunday. Baking sweets is another of my favourite pastimes.

I bought those little cute Christmas cutters in bottom left corner short time ago and was eager to try them out. I can report they do not work, because they are too small so you cannot get the shape out of them :)

And that is all for today.

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  1. You are busy...and multi-talented! The desserts look divine!


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