Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter

November 15: A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter of Studio Claire and January Sun Yarnworks

Our mornings start at 6:50 and often involve reading a book or two before heading downstairs.
Must.make.coffee. (in our teeny tiny 4-cupper)

Playing with cards! Love those card holders. Makes games so much easier for tiny hands.

Looking at his photographs on the back of his little camera :)

Playing with rubber balls and marbles. The rubber balls are obviously the mommy and daddy :)

Snack time!

While my sweet hubby watched the kiddos, I headed out for lunch by myself at Panera and some writing before meeting up with my dear friend Hannah for the afternoon. (Note: Their creamy tomato soup is my absolute favorite.)
A quick drink at Coffee Culture before heading to Darkside for a movie.

We may have accidentally bought the bacon pastry.... And then eaten it all.

I've always loved the lighting in the Darkside. We saw "My Old Lady" with Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline and it was excellent.

After the movie we went out for sushi. The sushi bar was busy busy, so we had a long wait.

It finally arrived! So yum!

And then we went to Francesco's for hot chocolate because, why not?


  1. You had quite a day, so nice to have a little time to yourself. I enjoy your day in the life posts and photos!


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