Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter

October 15: A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter; all taken with iPhone

Up at 5:45 to workout. Love T25 and the fact that it only takes 25 minutes!

Sleepy girl :) 
Sleepy boy. At least he made it off the bed and onto my lap.

Daddy has been sucked into the sleeping too :)

Breakfast before preschool and then Madeleine's urologist appointment up in Portland.

How I love a freshly made bed.

Kids at preschool on this cloudy misty morning. I forgot to take any photos until I was back out in the car.

Two delightfully quiet hours at Starbucks while the kiddos are in preschool. Reading and knitting!

I couldn't bear to make this one black and white. So close to being done with this shawl--the Ashburn Shawl! I love it so very much.

Gorgeously cloudy up in Portland

The view of the Portland Aerial Tram from the 7th-floor waiting room in Doernbecher's Children Hospital.

We got good news at the urologist about Madeleine's hydronephrosis. Her right kidney is doing significantly better so now we can push out the next appointment 6 months! Hooray!

But I was exhausted and distracted the rest of the day until just before bedtime.

Playing with whatever she pleases while brother is at AWANA. Little sister win!


  1. Claire, I love this feature of fPOE. I've always enjoyed the photos that capture ordinary times, the looks on children's faces when they're not being told to smile are much more interesting to me! Glad you got good news at Madeline's appointment!

    1. Thank you, Joyce! And yes, we're so happy about the good news!

  2. Love it! I did mine in black and whit to. Will be sending in tommarrow :)

  3. Beautiful pictures and family life. Thanks. Mia.

  4. Love this Claire! I adore the grain and pure imperfection of a regular and beautiful life. Well done and thanks for sharing!

  5. So gorgeous! Love the black and white. Such a sweet family!!

  6. Thanks C. for sharing your world with us in such beautiful shots :) T.

  7. How are you not too busy to take photos? I loved those days with babies, toddlers and young kids! Lovely!


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