Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Day in the Life of Chelsea Davis-Sullens

October 15: A Day in the Life of Chelsea Davis-Sullens of Loud Waterfall Photography; all photos taken with iPhone 5s

My big plans for today were to drop the kiddo at preschool & then spend the day curled up with the baby who is getting too big too fast and snap some photos of him with the big camera. The best laid plans ....

.... Instead, I'm up before dawn taking temperatures & measuring out Tylenol.

If I'm up & tea isn't ready yet, I "suppose" I could be productive in the kitchen. But first, some pretty sunrise ambiance.

I love how colorful the hand wash rack is these days. Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to just chucking them all into the washer but there is something strangely cathartic and peaceful about sudsy bubbles, hot water, and a sink full of little bowls and spoons.

4 years old going on 20 most days. But in the doctors office she seems small again.

After getting home, I pop in a movie to keep her down & quiet. I think it's more for me than her. And the baby loves the attention.

With a few moments to myself, I quickly package up a print headed to the east coast. Only going to have time for one order since I can already hear the natives stirring .....

Grandma rescues me for an hour so I can dash out to the store. I've managed to get my order out before the postman arrives - one less errand!

Starting to scope out fruits & veggies for baby food. How can he be ready for solids already??

I can't always get to the Farmers Market so the store will have to do.

Well, the cart is full. The list is all checked off. My PS Frap is all gone, damnit. Guess I need to check out.

Everyone is asleep. Dishes from dinner are soaking. Time to prep tomorrow's order & try to fall asleep before the babe wakes up and needs to eat.

Ok, not asleep yet, but this definitely beats housework. I love our few stolen moments together. There won't be that many more. Night!


  1. Lovely day in the life with your little charmers!

  2. How fun to see into your world. Haven't had babies in many years, so it's always fun to see others and that shot at the end is just awesome.


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