Monday, September 29, 2014

A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter

September 15: A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter of Studio Claire; all taken with iPhone

I spent almost all of the month of September traveling to Texas then NYC then Boston then Texas again where I spent a week and a half with my family. On this day, we went to the Houston Children's Museum with my sister's regional homeschool group. The museum is closed for the day to everyone except homeschoolers, so it was much less crowded than usual!

 My parents' coffee table covered in kid clutter :)

 On the way to the museum, singing and reading and playing.

In "Kidtropolis", working in the police car and ambulance. 

Fun road-building activity table in the City Planning area.

Eating lots and lots of fake food in the restaurant. (Note: plastic salad looks exactly as gross as you think it would.) 

Veterinarian Madeleine to the rescue!  

Benjamin charges steep steep rates for his veterinary services. 

Fun on the Kid Pulley (taken by my sister) 

The highest air pressure we ever built up under the rocket was 25psi and then let it fly! (You can see the speedy whoosh of the rocket in the middle tube.)

Tired kiddos reading with their Mia :)

And then I forgot to take photos the rest of the day. But just imagine naps, dinner, playing, and bath time...all with perfect attitudes....


  1. Cute pictures and lots of fun memories. Love the last photo! Joyce W

  2. This is awesome, Claire! (Love the 'and then I forgot to take photos the rest of the day'!! That means it was a good day :)


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