Wednesday, July 24, 2013

day in your life ... Nastasia Cook ...

So are you ready for another "day in the life" of ... well this is a little peak into the life of Nastasia Cook of Retro Love Photography. She is from Paris (big sigh) & lives in California (bigger sigh) & i am jealous (can you tell). Head on over to her facebook page for regular updates on her work & be sure to check out her stunning photography on etsy in both her photography shop & her IPhone case store. Also you can read all about her day in detail over on her blog. & be sure to return tomorrow for another action packed day in the life of an fpoer (yep new word). xx

This is actually a pretty untypical day for me, as my husband and I are currently staying at my parents in law’s house to house/dog sit while they are on vacation. Because of this, I am going back to our house during the day to work on Etsy orders. Due to the distance, my husband and I are also carpooling so there was a lot more driving around for me to do and less time at home for work!

I start my day by preparing breakfast and packing our lunches, my husband and I then drive to his work and I drive back to our house after dropping him off. This is where my usual routine starts. Every morning I work on my Etsy orders and make Iphone cases for myself and for my printing services. This usually takes all my mornings and sometimes afternoons on busy days. I then finish my routine by grabbing lunch, getting ready, watering my plants and dropping off my orders at the post office. Before I know it, it's already time for me to pick up my husband from work ... 

I drop off my husband at a meeting and end up arriving way too early so we kill some time in the car with a game of candy crush. After arriving back at my parent's in law house, I am greeted by Cookie who had a long day all alone. I go take him for a walk at the park and then go to the beach. After a quick dinner and some more computer work, I catch up on some Game of Thrones reading while waiting for my husband who is getting a ride back home. 

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  1. Awesome! Nastasia is so amazing with her iphone case work, really enjoyed seeing her day!


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