Saturday, July 27, 2013

day in your life ... Helen Makadia ...

Time for another "day in your life" ... after hanging out with Nastasia Cook, Diane Miller & Loni Philips these past few days now it's a change to spend a day with Helen Makadia & her beautiful daughter. Really i just think she used it as an excuse to photograph her munchkin (though honestly who needs an excuse) but well it was a wonderful excuse! & don't forget to check out more of her work on facebook & etsy & to come back tomorrow for possible the final day in your life of this month ... mine! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. xx

Mondays I spend with my almost 2 year old Sofia.  This particular monday was the beginning of what felt like a never ending heat wave.  After breakfast, we made our way over to our public library and picked out books to check out.  On our way home we stopped at Trader Joe's for a few things, and most importantly stickers.  After a quick lunch it was nap time for Sofia, so I was able to sit down at my desk and do some work for a few hours.  We weren't the only ones who were hot that day - our 15 year old cat, Ally, was as well.  Unfortunately, she couldn't join us at the pool to cool off.  Dinner was quick and we ended our day playing outside, in the sprinklers, until Daddy came home and took over for bath.  A successful monday. 

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