Thursday, July 25, 2013

day in the life ... Diane K. Miller

So far we've checked a day in the life of Blaire Ring, Claire Carpenter & yesterday Nastasia Cook. It's fun to see what the lovely ladies of fPOE get up to when they are not your know producing stunning photography. & today is no exception in the talent department ... Diane Miller is the owner of two beautiful photography shops on etsy, The Shutterbug Eye & her new shop Dark Raven Photo. You can also find her on facebook. & be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow's installment. xx

Monday is a workday so I get out of bed really early and wake up with coffee while checking on my Etsy shop and Facebook.

I live in the suburbs and commute into Chicago everyday for my job as a compliance officer.  I take a train every day.  The top left you can see the train pulling into the station.  To the right is the outside of my building, the historic Civic Opera House and the bottom left is the view from my office window.

Here is my office.  I'm so grateful to have a private office.  Sadly I have no one to help me file and so it's all on my desk.

Once I'm home I made some dinner for me and my son, my husband was traveling and relax with some TV.  I have to always be on watch as with three cats, one is always trying to get my food or drink.


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