Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Day in the Life of Patricia Migliore

August 15:

The summer is slipping away and the days of beach and boardwalk will soon come to an end. On August 14, I pointed my car south towards one of my favorite spots to shoot: the New Jersey shore town of Wildwood. This was intended to be anything but a trip of rest and relaxation since I depend on my photography to make a living and must "stock the store" when I can!

On Friday, August 15th, with camera, lenses and tripod in hand, I hit the street, the sand and the boardwalk to see what I could find that was new and different from what I've done in the past.

I've done beach umbrellas before from the top, from the side....but now to try and find one that is interesting from below! And within minutes, it came in sight! And the Canadian couple lying below it were more than happy to let me disturb their peace!

The Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol is amazing! Ever vigilant, always friendly. And when their equipment is not in use, they leave it arrange in a great composition just for people like me!

Nice kids, playing in the sand. Happy to share their stuff with the crazy lady who seems to find their dollar store tube incredible fascinating!

Wildwood is known for it's vintage neon and retro hotels. This is the sign that I view nightly from the balcony of my apartment.

My evening walk out to the boardwalk takes me past the Wildwood Convention Center which has some really great metalwork and glasswork incorporated into it's design.

I've passed this boardwalk chapel for years but never seen anything going on there. Of all the shots I took of it, with people walking in the foreground, I like this one best for the positioning of the people standing listening to the music.

The food choices boggle my mind! 

 And after eating your Deep Fried Oreos, you can settle your stomach on one of these rides.

 Friday nights; fireworks at the end of the pier!

1217: By the end of the day, I had made a significant contribution to the hole in the sole of my hiking sandals and logged 7.5 miles on my pedometer!

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  1. Nice piece Pat - keep writing. Some of those images have 'STOCK' written all over them - Brien Sz.

  2. Awesome set of photos Pat!


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