Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Day in the Life of Jessica Chevalier

I found myself in Connecticut this July 15th. Although I was missing my Adirondack home, the New England coastline chose to delight me with a gorgeous misty day! In the morning I went to work with my boyfriend. He cares for a gorgeous property with views of the Lieutenant River and many beautiful gardens!

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' was causing quite a ruckus among the hummingbirds who were fighting over their vibrant flowers. (Taken with a Canon 5D MK lll)

Common Echinacea or "coneflower". (Taken with my Canon)

The view of the Lieutenant River in the mist. (Taken with my iPhone.)

After work, my geeky 80's side got a treat when we drove past Mystic Pizza! I still love that movie! (Taken with my iPhone.)

We made our way over to Groton's Bluff Point and took an hour hike out to the beach. It was glorious!

The Rosa Rugosa was the first thing to greet us! What a treat! (Taken with my Canon.)

We had the beach to ourselves! (Taken with my Canon.)

The low tide left behind pools filled with hundreds of snails and hermit crabs. (Taken with my canon.)

The tide was so low that we were able to walk out to a nearby island. (Panoramic taken with my iPhone.)

It was getting dark fast so we had to power hike back to the truck, but what a day!

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