Tuesday, July 2, 2013

day one ... green ...

So we decided to run a fun little challenge through July ... 31 days ... 31 themes ... & everything must be shot using your iPhone (easy peasy lemon squeezey). Well naturally we had a mountain of photos (we are photographers after all) so i am hear to share a selection. If you wish to view them all you can head on over to instagram & search for the hashtag #JulyPhotoChallengeFPOE. & for more information about the challenge head on over to this post (<~~~~ yes that one there) & you'll find 31 themes & the rules! 


& now without much further ado here are just a small selection of the "green"s! Happy tuesday. xx


clockwise from top left:
@rightonstrange @vintaget
@anikatoro @photobymada


clockwise from top left:
@bford13 @helenmakadia
@klingsandthings @phoebefordreid


clockwise from top left:
@semisweetstudio @susigrafie
@hettle @mymonography


ps. to view more of the world belonging to these photographers head on over to etsy & search for fpoe, there are hundreds of us out there! 


  1. These are all so gorgeous! I have some work to catch up on before the 4th, but then I am hoping to participate.

  2. wow !
    we are so great girls !
    Thank you so much for posting my greenphoto :)

  3. Amazing :)

    Now if only I had a smart phone :(

  4. i love them all!!! i don't have an iphone :( xx but i will ove watching this girls!


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