Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Tuesday :: Europe

Quaint, colourful shops, cobbled streets and sweeping views are just a few of the charms that invite the world to explore Europe. Brimming with history and romance alike, it has endeared itself to artists for centuries. 

Sunset Window Photo Print

Tower Window by Miss Quite Contrary

All Shut Up,  France 5x7" Fine Art Print

All Shut Up by Reflections of Light

Lisbon Portugal Photo - Jeweled City - 5x7 Original Fine Art Photograph

Jeweled City by Urban Antique

Italy, Cinque Terre, Manarola, Village Street Scene, Photo, Laundry Clothesline, Orange, 8x10

Italian Clothes Dryer by Miriam Hamsa

Polaroid Photograph - Vintage Globe - World- Map - Fine Art Polaroid Photograph- Iceland- Alicia Bock Photography

Vintage Globe by Alicia Bock

Many of FPOE’s photographers are world travellers with tales to tell and pictures to share with you. One of my personal favourites is Georgianna Lane, who has the dreamiest images of the France, London and Italy, from Monet’s country garden to the gondoliers of the Grand Canal in Venice. Visit her Etsy shops below, and also her blog for wonderful stories and pictures from her travels- whenever it pops up in my blog reader, I know I’m in for a treat.

Georgianna Lane Etsy Shop
Georgianna Lane Blog
Paris by Two Etsy Shop
Paris by Two Blog

Paris Cafe Photo, Apertifs, Cafe, Bistro chairs, Colorful, Home Decor

Paris Cafe by Georgianna Lane

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