Sunday, June 10, 2012

Style Sunday :: Animal Photography

There are many different approaches to doing animal photography. It can be a detailed close-up or an action shot of a wild animal; it can also be a casual picture of a pet, or styled in a studio with colourful props. The point is to create an image that connects the viewer to the subject.

Check out this article, called 8 Great Tips for Photographing Animals. It focuses on animals that you might find in a zoo or wildlife reserve, but all of these ideas are easily used when photographing animals in everyday situations. There is also a helpful list called Nature Photographers Code of Conduct. It is a friendly reminder to use common sense and respect when out photographing nature and animals.

Rooster Shawna Cameron

Rooster by Shawna Cameron

Fall Buckeye Butterflies  8 x 10 Fine Art Print FPOE

Fall Buckeye Butterflies by Janice McCafferty

Egg Cup Baby Mouse - Cute Nursery Art, Mouse Photography, Baby Mouse in Red Egg Cup, Pet photography, animal print

Egg Cup Mouse by Sam Clark

Black Cat by sixthandmain

Timid Wandering Penguin from Argentina, 8x10 Fine Art Photograph

Timid Wandering Penguin by Perfect Art


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