Tuesday, January 11, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's San Antonio, Texas

So we managed to hit up a whole bunch of places in 2010 ... & so far in 2011 we've headed to the wonderful city of Boulder, Colorado to check out the pretty pretty of Shannon Blue Photography (yes we are only 1 week into 2011 so gives us a chance ... it was an exhausting Christmas). & now ... finally we are heading south ... virtually in mexico south ... to San Antonio, Texas to check out the inspirational work of K.Clark Photography. As i took a look around Kimberley's shop i'm drawn to her atmospheric images & instantly all in love with her use of shadow & light. The black & white's though out her shop are full of emotion, & feeling, reminders of film noir & old school hollywood. Throw in a little romance & you can imagine the stories that go alongside. 

I can't imagine the time Kimberley spends scouting out her locations, exploring them until she understands when that perfect moment is going to occur ... the light falling in such a way as to capture that one perfect moment in time. I can almost see her wandering the streets with an old Rolflex in hand inspired by the street photographers of years gone by. I see so much tradition in her work, simple stunning photography that speaks for itself & could happily survive without the intervention of digital technology. 

from the beginning of a horror movie or a tale of aliens ...

... to the moment when we first glimpse the face of our heroine ...

... & yes a a tom & jerry cartoon!

You can purchase all the images you see in this post in Kimberley's etsy shop ... & to further explore more of her work take a look at her flickr page or her blog.


  1. Great read and beautiful, atmospheric images!

  2. As I have been going thru the fPOE shops for my blog posts I fell in love with Kimberley's "PINK" photo. I am fascinated by her technique. Brilliant.

    Lovely post Laura. T :)

  3. great photos...and you're right, each photo tells a very unique story!

  4. Thanks guys. Must be my Theatre degree rearing its creative head : )


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