Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Night Montage [socks that match]

Left: shannonblue
Right: cassiabeck

This week, I'm crushing on Shannon Blue & Cassia Beck's diptych from Everyday Vision. Their process is to photograph the same "everyday" objects each week.

~I like how bright horizontal stripes go with muted zig-zag stripes.
~I like how little kids rush home to take socks off and big kids rush home to take pictures of socks.
~I like how the second image could be the future of this tiny shoe and sock wearer.


The objects seem to become more meaningful when placed side by side in two different worlds.

This puppy also caught my eye.

'Till Next Week,
I . Heart. Diptychs

have a diptych project going on? Have one you'd like to see featured? Comment below & let us know!


  1. wonderful images & a wonderful idea. i love them both, very different feels to the same ordinary objects.

  2. I have a diptych happening! My beautiful friend and I live across the nation from each other but we're putting up photos every week to share.

    I am a photographer on etsy (just this week!!).

    Lucky Candice

  3. love the pics on your blog!

  4. great candice, thanks for sharing! let me know at if you have become a member of fpoe and we can add you to the monday night montage group :) If you'd like to become a member of fpoe contact elle moss at
    and I'm glad you enjoy them Ava!


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