Monday, January 19, 2015

December 15: A Day in the Life of Darlene Seltzer

December 15: A Day in the Life of Darlene Seltzer of Studio Seltzer on Etsy. All photos taken with iPhone.

December 15th was a Monday and would normally have been a full workday for me, but my office at Oregon State University was closed to allow the mental health counseling staff to participate in training in Portland. The rest of the staff were offered the day off, but some, including myself, elected to work for half a day to complete a couple projects that are challenging to do during normal operating hours.

Preparing to make the nectar of the Goddesses.

I'm so proud of my son who loves Kindergarten and is always very excited to start his day there.

My family usually drops me off at work, but today I've driven myself, and as a non-parking permit holder, I've parked a few blocks away and am about to head out into the cold rainy morning.

 Lots of trees are still dropping their leaves well into December.

One of our goals for the day was to decorate our otherwise drab looking office for the winter holidays. This is the best we could do on our Dollar Store budget, but we like it.

Candy canes for our clients. Our office provides mental health services to over 700 students each term. Next to photography, psychology is my second love and was my field of study in college.

From the back office, we have a lovely view of Waldo Hall, built in 1907.

Walking back to my car through one of my favorite spots on campus.

Back at home with my favorite little girl. That adorable face works in her favor more often than it should.

Costume change! She hated the ballet class we signed her up for last summer, but she loves to dress up in her tights and leotard.

We went to Christmas Storybook Land for the first time. It's a free event that runs in the neighboring town for a couple weeks each December. As we stood in this spot, my son said, "This is the prettiest place I've ever seen in my whole life! I wish we could live here." I can't argue with that.

Back at home and the kids are performing their nightly clean-up ritual. Thanks to loving and generous family and friends, it often appears that a tornado dropped the contents of a toy store in our house.

One of the local middle schools sells and delivers trees as a school fundraiser each year. Even after trimming off the top of the tree, it's still too tall for the star. We love our festive living room nonetheless. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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