Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day in the Life of Katerina Vodrazkova

We're relaunching the "Day in the Life" series! On the 15th of each month, members of fPOE will document their days and share the beauty of the everyday. Here is the first entry of this relaunch. More to follow....


Sunday 15th June

My name is Katerina and I live in Prague, Czech Republic. On Etsy I run OverTheRainbowPrints with my photography and also KVFeltedDesign with my felted accessories and home décor.

Originally I planned to do all Day in Life only with my phone (HTC Desire C) as an Instagram project, but as I was absorbed by the beautiful garden with a real camera (Nikon) in hand, I forgot my phone at all. All edited to square so they have something in common :)

How better to start a lovely Sunday then with a yummy pancake breakfast?

Because I think it would be boring to photograph me doing laundry, bit of a cleaning and procrastinating at my computer, let's fast forward a bit and go for a little trip.

This weekend was a weekend of open gardens in the Czech Republic. It means that some gardens that are normally closed to the public are open and people can enjoy them, sometimes with some special programme. So, after lunch I took my camera and went for a little trip. I chose a private garden a reasonable distance from Prague. I visited Garden Listen (in Czech the radix has nothing to do with the English word listen, but “list” = leaf). It is located fairly near Prague in the meander of a little river and the water is very important for the environment they are trying to develop there. It is only open for public on special occasions, such as a solstice celebration and on weekends over the summer.

But let's start at the beginning, at a train station.

The sky was beautiful that day.

Here is the river meander in the garden. 

They not only take care of plants and flowers, but also horses, some sheep, very noisy and funny donkey and white peacocks. 

Let's have some snack – yummy homemade cherry cake and also some snack for the fishies in the pond.

On the way back to the train station the sky was playing a really good show with the clouds.

But unfortunately it is time to go back home from this lovely countryside train station.

Below you can enjoy some of the photos taken in garden. There were many water spaces and fountains.

I loved that bench completely hidden in the willow and with a view of the central pond.

Flower bed with magic crystal. 

And some other lovely flowers:

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  1. How lovely! Thanks for sharing, Katerina!

  2. Thank you Claire and fPOE for organising this project. Cannot wait to see Day in Life of fellow photographers.

  3. Katerina! I am so happy to spend virtualy a day with you ! thank you for sharing

  4. This is fabulous, Katerina!! Beautiful feature!

  5. Beautiful sharing your day with you and your beautiful photos :) T.

  6. Very much enjoyed this, Katerina! Thank you for sharing all the details of a great day out. x

  7. Katerina! i'm behind viewing here, but what a treat to "travel" and see your beautiful country and your day, through your photos (oh; those white birds)! so much fun. a small world. ;)

  8. Love! Thank you for sharing. It's helping me understand the assignment. I think the weather forecast here will be rainy on the 15th - but I have found out that "bad" weather provides unique opportunities!!!


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