Sunday, November 3, 2013

the November photo challenge ... days one & two ...

Ok i'm a little late (sorry) ... it's been a crazy weekend so here we are starting off the month with one big (@ss) post! Firstly what is the challenge ... well if you weren't around for the last one then i will let you know ... it's a 30 day photo challenge. Simple ... oh wait we do have a couple of rules: 

1. all photos must be taken on your phone or similar device
2. all photos must be taken the day of or the couple of days around the theme (no cheating people)
3. hunt us down on instagram & share with @fpoe
4. & of course rage them #novphotochallengefpoe

Oh wait you want to see the themes right? 

& so without further ado here are some pretties for you starting with day one & soft ... 










& the theme for day two ... well it is november so fall of course! 











& don't forget you can down these talented photographers over on etsy, just in time for christmas right? See you all tomorrow (well assuming you don't get lost along the way ... yes i know i'm funny)! xx


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