Monday, July 29, 2013

day twenty-eight ... signs and symbols ...

Signs lend themselves to photography in the same way that flowers and clouds beg to be photographed. Is this because of all the typography and compelling graphics in advertising, something we're all used to seeing nowadays? Or it something more, something more essential?

A sign or symbol is a work of art in its own right. Each represents something large and complex with an economy of design that many of us search for in our own work. No matter the exact reason, signs and symbols are powerful in such a pleasing way. So enjoy this sampling from our Instagram photo challenge (@f_poe and #JulyPhotoChallengeFPOE) and perhaps pause to consider how many vast ideas are captured in each photograph.


top row: @majasofiekristiansen and @melvanius
bottom row: @mulle1981 and @carmen_moreno


top row: @farawayphotography and @kellykardos
bottom row: @bellehibou and @helen_makadia

top row: @laughlovephoto and @rightonstrange
bottom row: @ullika and @irenessneddon


@sunshinelarose and @kimlucian

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