Sunday, July 21, 2013

day twenty ... critters ...

What is a critter exactly? The photographs from this challenge explore the word from end to end--tiny beetle to hulking elephant. Black and white to vibrant color. Real and imaginary.

Here is some of what we captured: critters or creatures or whatever you like to call all of those wild things who live among us.


top row: @nelou, @melvanius
bottom row: @photobymada, @marinkelchen

For more details about this July Photo Challenge, check out this post and find us on Instagram @f_poe and #JulyPhotoChallengeFPOE. And of course, find all of these artists on Etsy as well.



top row: @andreahurley, @elizaville, @susiegrafie
middle row: @farawayphotography, @playgroundphotography, @zoeewithlove
bottom row: @kellykardos, @majasofiekristiansen, @sakeen77


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  1. so fun, what wonderful differences in interpretation. Some are so fun and colourful - love!!!


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