Saturday, July 6, 2013

day five ... landscape ...

I love landscape ... i adore Ansel Adams i could look at his work for days (literally days) ... but the thing you have to know about landscapes is that well they don't technically have to be all about just land. There can be other stuff too. 


So day five our of little July challenge (check out this post for details) was all about landscapes & wow do we have some beauties. Everything is shot using a phone & edited using a phone & can be found over on instagram by searching for @fpoe or #JulyPhotoChallengeFPOE. & don't forget many of these fabulous photographers can be found selling their work over on easy! Have a wonderful weekend everyone, hope you are enjoying some beautiful sun (for a change we are)! xx

top row: @annieash @foreignroads @nelou
middle row: @simonalimona @theshutterbugeye @mariannelomonaco
bottom row: @irenessneddon @photographybykarina @imagesbycw


clockwise from top left:
@angsanaseeds @runhappier
@phoebefordreid @ullika


top row: @hey_harriet @elizaville @miabellaexpressions
middle row: @mulle1981 @bellehibou @bgphoto2011
bottom row: @polaroidcupcake6 @sloski17 @melvanius



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