Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet one of your Team Leaders: Ashleigh Coyner

As our photography team continues to grow, our team leaders are always trying to find ways to unite members, promote the group and create interesting collaborations. This is one part of a series of interviews to introduce ourselves. Meet Ashleigh Coyner:


How long have you been doing photography? How did you get started?
I have been taking photos since college. I took a class and was told my photos were too “forensic.” Well, I was in school for biology and I guess I wasn’t very artistic back then (at least according to my photography professor). I always had a camera when out with friends taking photos of us dancing and having a good time. Which is funny to me now, as I don’t take as many portraits.

What are your biggest influences and how have they shaped your photography?
My biggest influence is Ansel Adams and his landscapes. I remember getting his guidebook to basic techniques of photography and fell in love with landscape photography. Lately though, I have stepped outside of that by finding Brooke Shaden’s work fascinating and inspiring. She has taught me to “see” or find a story in my photos.

How did you develop and how do you maintain a photography style that is truly your own?
I guess I am still working on this as I am in awe of a lot of techniques/styles that I see. I have been using RadLab actions/recipes lately that have been helping me with developing my own sense of style.

Who are your favourite FPOE photographers?
There are so many great photographers on our team! And I love that they are each unique and bring a different perspective. I guess I was first drawn to fPOE because of Laura Evans’ work. She has this soft/dreamy quality to her photos that I admire….and of course all the wondrous places she has been to!

What are your hopes for FPOE and how do you contribute to the team?
I am one of the leaders of the fPOE team and have been for almost 2 years now. I contribute by helping with the newsletter and any publications we may produce. I started the fPOE Collective last year and would really like to continue with it as a way for our members to get experience in a juried printed publication as well as a way to showcase the talent in our team.

How do you promote your work (any thoughts on social media)?
I use Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress blog, and Pinterest to try to promote my work. It has been the toughest to keep up with the blog though it is always my goal to write posts on Sundays and have them go out during the week. I think I have enough content but the upkeep/remembering to write posts is tough. On that note, I think they (blogs, FB, etc) help you to reach out to your fans, to let them get a sense of you and sort of the “investment” they may get when they purchase from you.

What is the best advice you’ve been given/would like to share about
photography/running your own business?
It is tough staying true to your style and likeness when it may not be “selling”, but keeping at it and building a solid base of supporters is essential.


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  1. Love your advice on style and likeness, Ashley. I, too, am still trying to define my style further :)


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