Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brooke Shaden Challenge

Over the weekend, many of you may have watched or taken part in Brooke Shaden’s live virtual workshop. It featured many insightful and inspiring lessons. including how to create a personal style, how to work with props, and how to submit your work to galleries.

One of FPOE’s team leaders, Diane Miller, has created a challenge for the team using some of the techniques she learned in the course. We’re inviting you to create your own image and share with us the techniques you used from the workshop.

How to submit your photo:

  • Create an diptych using your original photo and the finished edited version. (see Diane’s example below, and please note that it does not have to be a portrait)
  • Answer the two questions below about how you incorporated what you learned into your own unique style:

1.  What techniques did you use in this image, either the shooting of it or editing, that you learned or were inspired by from the workshop?  This can be technical aspects or how you used the inspiration exercises, for example.

2.  What techniques or elements in the image are your style?

Here is Diane’s photo:


1.  After trying contorting my body, I went more straightforward with my pose.  I tried to create a character which was inspired by the striped dress I found at a resale store.  It reminded me of a medical smock and prison outfit combined.  I smeared makeup and teased my hair to create that character of a mental patient.  I also used a cat as a prop.  In editing I used curves as she had showed and selectively added and removed light.  I also used texture, although I already used a lot of textures in similar style.

2.  I used an off-camera flash with a diffusing umbrella to light the image.  I also converted the final image to black and white and the way she uses texture is very much the same as how I already worked with textures.


  1. That is awesome Diane! I just purchased the workshop and look forward to watching it. Great job :)

  2. I didn't get chance to see the workshop :(

    D. I really love what you have done, amazing work :) T.


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