Friday, December 21, 2012

Nominated for a Team Spirit Award!

Did you hear the news? We’ve been nominated for an Etsy Team Spirit Award! This week, FPOE was featured in the Etsy Finds Newsletter. This is a wonderful promotion for the whole team, and an uplifting affirmation as well. We work so hard at our own endeavours, yet our members manage to carve out the time to support each other in many different ways- from business advice and resources, to artistic collaborations and even support in our personal lives. We are an active and close team, brimming with positivity and encouragement for each other. Thanks for the nomination!

Camera Print "A Pair of Kodak Brownies" 5x7 Fine Art Photography Black and White photo Camera Vintage camera print

Pair of Kodak Brownies by Marianne LoMonaco

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