Sunday, September 30, 2012

Style Sunday :: Pet Photography :: DOGS

We love to photograph dogs- for their playful nature and soulful expressions. Not to mention their diversity as a species- tall or tiny, lanky or stout, sleek or fluffy, regal or goofy, there’s a dog out there for just about everyone.

The Waiting Dog - 5x5 - Fine Art Photograph

The Waiting Dog by Kimberly Huestis

Diva Dog - pet portrait . dog photography . cream vintage hat print . whimsical pet photograph . mossy green wall art . art for childs room

Diva Dog by Joy St.Claire

Shelter Dog Black and White Photography Puppy 5x7

Sweet Puppy by Kaelyn Michaels

In Deep Thought - 5x7 Fine Art Photography Print - dog puppy pet portrait glasses mint green pastel cute home decor photograph

In Deep Thought by Riot Jane

Detroit, pit bull, fine art dog photography, home decor fine art photography,gray, white, brown minimalistic, dog photography

Mellow by Lisa Cervone

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