Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Travel Tuesday :: The Great Outdoors

With summer just days away, many of you are probably planning to go camping, hiking, beachcombing or cottaging. Quiet places of untouched landscapes and fresh air. You’ll come back with cameras filled with beautiful images of the wilderness; endless mountain ranges, deep blue seas, and wild animals. 

Thanksgiving Photography,  The Cabin fine art photography print  8x10 nature, woods, autumn,

The Cabin by Moonlight Photography

Badlands Landscape with Deer - Fine Art Photograph

Badlands Landscape by April Lahti

Enchanted Woodland Dream. whimsical nature photography . cabin wall art . 8x10 Photo Print . Woodsy home decor . ready to frame

Enchanted Woodland Dream by Joy St. Claire

11x14 Photography print of an Alaskan Brown Bear - grizzly bear Alaska art wildlife photo - Affordable Art rustic cottage gift idea for him

Alaskan Brown Bear by PhotoLadz

Rainbow photograph - Toronto lakeshore photo, dramatic landscape of double rainbow over a dock, inspirational art - Lake Ontario 3 8x10

Lake Ontario #3 by Jennifer Squires Ross

Jennifer Squires Ross recently posted some of the planning ideas for her upcoming trip to Georgian Bay National Park in Canada. She will be participating in Artists in the Park, taking place on Beausoliel Island. Some of her considerations include dealing with electricity requirements and what equipment to pack. Read her post HERE.


  1. Oh sweetness!! This was a lovely post and great photos to illustrate. I am just commenting though on the word 'cottaging', umm, you see in the UK it has a different meaning to what you meant. Here it is a reference to gay men cruising for annonymous sex in public loos... thought maybe you ought to know that xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Oh dear... Well, I think we all know what I meant :)


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