Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Colours Week :: Green

At the beginning of every season, Poppytalk invites everyone to share their photographs. for Summer Colours Week, you can add your own photos to their Flickr Pool, where their favourites are selected and shared on Poppytalk’s Blog. Here are some of FPOE’s colourful photographs.


Looking Up - Nature photography Queen Anne's lace  flowers photograph Botanical Art Photography aqua blue lime green - 8x10

Looking Up by Lupen Grainne

Pink blossoms spring blossoms cherry blossoms photo photograph fine art pink and green pastel

Don’t Lose Your Faith in Me by Geisha Photography

Grasshopper Photo Print, Fine Art, Vintage Look, Macro Green, Blue,

The Grasshopper by Susan Christensen

Abstract Fine Art Photograph, Green Water Lilies and Reflections . Blue Rippled Water, Cool Tones, Nature Art, 8x10 Print

Crying Shame by Susan O’Connor

Cat Photography, spring green, cat paws,  Cat Painting fine art photography print 8x10

Cat Painting by Moonlight Photography


If you are participating, please share a link in the comments section!

The colour schedule is as follows:

June 25, Monday - Green
June 26, Tuesday - Yellow
June 27, Wednesday - Pink
June 28, Thursday -Red
June 29, Friday - Blue

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