Sunday, June 3, 2012

Style Sunday :: Black & White

Even with all of the colours in the rainbow, sometimes black and white is best. Its simplicity draws focus to dramatic contrast, rich patterns and bold shapes. Black and white photography evokes an air of nostalgia, but also feels timeless. Its classic look will complement just about any style in your home.
Crayon Heart Kelly BosAmpersand Alphanumeric
Crayon Heart by Kelly Bos ::: Ampersand by AlphaNUMERIC
Clarinet Eye Shutter to ThinkLove TTV Hey Harriet 
Clarinet Concerto by Eye Shutter to Think ::: Love Heart TTV by Hey Harriet
  Pineapple Ukelele Pretty PetalVintage Camera Kimberly Blok
Pineapple & Ukelele by Pretty Petal Studio ::: Vintage Camera by Kimberly Blok
Hot Cross Buns Allie ArtEat ImageNation
Hot Cross Buns by AllieArt4Children ::: EAT by ImageNation
Paris Happee MonkeeHers, Hers, His KClark
Paris by Happee Monkee ::: Hers Hers & His by KClarkPhotography
Spoons Zoi ShopInsect Dragonfly JK Photography
Spoons by ZoiShop ::: Dragonfly by JKPhotography
Shelter Dog Kaelyn Michaels        Umbrella Across the Sea Penumbra
Shelter Dog by Kaelyn Michaels ::: Umbrella Across the Sea by Penumbra Images
Four Pears HoneytreeSunflower Myan Soffia
Four Pears by HoneyTree ::: Sunflower by Myan Soffia

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