Wednesday, December 28, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Gothenburg, Sweden

So i know this is called around the "world" with fPOE but right now it's feeling much more like around "Europe" with fPOE ... & i can't lie i kinda like. Being english, & living in Germany i love to see the many creative & talented photographers we have in Europe & in my mind it seems as if we've had them flocking (don't you love my choice of words) to fPOE in recent months. It brings fresh inspiration & a new perspective to everyone's work & i for one love it! Anyways so our whirlwind tour of Europe has taken in the sights of England, (not so sunny) Germany, & Latvia in recent weeks & now we're heading up to Scandinavia to check out the gorgeous photography of Karin Andersson. & no that's not Gothenburg in the photograph!  

When i think Sweden i can't lie i think IKEA & thank fully i don't get that with Karin's work. There's nothing "mass produced" in her style, it's not something you would find hanging on the walls over every tom, dick & harry (although it would be wonderful it you could) because it is a little more unique. To me Karin's work is incredible pretty, her use of pastels & subdued tones, & small details such as the incorporation of textures bring something seemingly boring to life. I find myself at peace looking at her work, infused with calm & quiet moments. & i love her wonderful composition especially within her fruit pictures. It's as if she found them just sitting there patiently waiting for the right person to come along & photograph them. 

a plate strawberries in the grass ...

... a lonely bicycle ...

& a pair of cherries all waiting for Karin's magic touch!

As usual you can view more or Karin's stunning photography in her Etsy shop (where all these gorgeous images are available for purchase), on her website, her blog or flickr.


  1. LOVE K's work :)

    It really is beautiful :) T.

  2. I really like your blog, i'm so happy I found it! Happy New Year!
    Mark @ room363

  3. Beautiful this work!


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