Tuesday, September 27, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Riga, Latvia

I'm loving all the new places we're getting to visit right now ... since i began this series last year fpoe has grown in numbers dramatically with members spanning the globe & you're seeing it as once again we're outside of the united states. Europe has many many talented photographers, & recently we visited England, last week Germany & now we're off to Riga, Latvia. Are you excited? I'm excited!! So anyways let me introduce you to Rita Pētersone - Lazdiņa & monography.
Everything about Rita's work screams feminine to me ... soft, pretty, calm ... & we're not just talking pink here. I'm including her urban landscapes & those with tones typically considered masculine. It's easy to see why Rita fits right in with the group, producing wonderful fine art that i feel says so much about her. Here again we have a photographer who haves a great simplicity to her work ... full of details without being over the stop, we are left to imagine what happens next. I love this in photography, i love the beginning of a story, the question mark left hanging in the air of what happens next. I love that you can dream when you look at her photographs of people & places & memories. I know i know i say this a lot, it could just be the kind of person i am (my blog is called "ooh pretty shiny over there ... ") but any image that inspires me as a person is a great picture. It's what makes my world go round. 
Love me some roof tops ...
... 2 wheels are way cuter than 4 ... 
... who knew colouring pencils could be so pretty!
As usual all photos here can be purchased on etsy ... & you can always head over to Rita's blog to check out more of her work & insights.


  1. Very nice work! I love the subtle coloring. I just have a question for fPOE- how often is the list of photographers in the sidebar updated? My shop, Amor Fati: Photography by Justine Benstead (http://www.justineb916.etsy.com) has been a member of the fPOE team for about a month or so, but no linkage just yet. Just curious :)


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