Tuesday, August 16, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

This week i have a whole new level of excitement going on. After our quick trip to canada, & england, we then spent 2 weeks in the deep south checking out the stunning photography of Amy Tyler Sarah Montigue Miller we are heading back to Europe & a country we have yet to visit ... (the country i currently reside in) Germany, & more specifically North-Rhine-Westphalia close to Dortmund. After a week of primary colours, vivid & bright we are hear to check out the more subdued tones of Sofia Olejnik & Detail Loving. Sofie's work is exactly as the name describes, all about the details & she captures them wonderfully. Quirky & incredible unique there is nothing obvious in the angles she chooses, the composition or the way she goes about showcasing her subject matter. 

& here again we have a photographer whose art doesn't stop at the photography itself, she incorporates all kinds of outside elements into creating the final product. There's a simplicity to Sofia's work, & whilst the elements may seem strange together of the outside they work creating incredible unique interesting pieces. When you look at a photography there seems to be more to the image,  nothing appears quite as it seems. Here again we have an artist who enjoys stepping outside the conventional photography box, using a variety of techniques, different subject matters & experimentation in creating something new & different. I have never had the talent for putting the seemingly random together & always admire it in others. 

A camera playing dress up ...

... spring in full bloom ...

... elegance in simplicity!

All the images here are for sale in Sofie's etsy shop Detail Loving. Be sure to check out more of her stunning photography on facebook & on flickr.

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