Thursday, January 27, 2011

love & pretty things ...

Not that i'm biased or anything but if you ask me the ladies of fPOE are some seriously talented photographers not to mention we put together great treasuries. But just look pack over the past few i've blogged & you can see incredible we really are. I say it over & over that one of the things i love about this team is the inspiration you gain just from looking at the work on offer, & that's before you even talk to the members who are here to provide you with everything you could ever need (well almost). In that i mean they are a group always willing to help, to provide advice, & answer questions. Anyways there i was rambling, lets return to the love & pretty on offer here ... to view the actual treasury click on the link ... HERE ... & of course head over to the gorgeous shop belonging to De La Cruz Studios who put this together. 


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