Tuesday, January 25, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Pueblo, Colorado

So after a week's break (things are a little hectic round here you must excuse my missing an occasional week) we are back for a new journey! 2011 has seen us checking out the work of Shannon Blue Photography, in Boulder, Colorado & then heading south to San Antonio, Texas to view the hollywood feel of K. Clark Photography. Well this week we're heading back up north, to Colorado (again), more specifically Pueblo & the gorgeous imagery of Frankie Kins & Bluemoon Studio.  

As i looked through Frankie's shop i felt like i had stepped back in time, a long way back in time to the Victorian era. The tones of Bluemoon Studio are very subtle, & warm reminding me of sepia & "ye olden days". There's a stillness in her work, peace & quiet & calm, & this can be seen through her variety of subjects. There's no one thing that stands out, & many of her images remind me of stories i've heard or read, a Charles Dickens Novel or a fairy tale. She brings life to those small moments. & whilst i find Frankie's imagery calming i also notice a haunting quality in it, reminiscent of a ghost story. Not in the evil sense but an unknown presence or energy, something you can feel but don't necessarily see until the shutter clicks.

To really get an understanding of what Frankie Kin is about you have to view all of her work ... she doesn't fit into a box instead she pushes the boundaries & asks questions of the viewer ... 

... winter or spring? ... 

... natural or artificial? ... 

... real or imagination?

All the images you see here can be bought in the Blue Moon Studio etsy shop. You can also view more of Frankie's work on flickr & her blog.


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