Tuesday, November 16, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Sydney, Australia

So i must admit in this little around the world trip we've been on we haven't managed to leave the US a whole lot ... not that am really complaining because well we've seen some amazing work but only a couple of trips outside the states to Manchester, England, & Ottawa, Canada ... so this week it's wonderful that we get to head to the southern hemisphere & Sydney, Australia to check out the extreme prettyness (is that a word or did i just spell it wrong) of Serinissima. She titles her page "where dreams & reflections merge" & it couldn't be more appropriate. I see so much dream inspire work at the moment, images that remind me of fairy tales, happy endings & narnia & the work we see here is most definately in this category but there's a twist. 

When i look at Alena's work i feel as if i viewing it through a sleepy haze or a fog ... a mirage or a figment of an over active imagination. It has a very surreal quality to it in that you can't quite what you're seeing. It makes it appear totally calming, almost hypnotic in it's effect on you the viewer. & it leaves you wanting more, What happens next, is there something around the corner (because you totally know there is something around the corner). Like that initial tumble down the rabbits hole or walking out the waldrobe for the first time. I feel like a child seeing something new & wonderous & not being able to take it all in. & the muted tones through out her images that are far from being dull simple add to this feeling. Maybe i just stepped into (or out of) a painting?

i don't even like coffee but this one i want to indulge in ... 

& winter appears just around the corner ... 

& now i really do wish for snow!

As usual all of the images in this post are for sale over on etsy ... & you can check out more work on Alena's flickr & blog!


  1. It IS dreamy. I'm off to see more of her work.

  2. Her work has the essence of a beautiful watercolour painting. Love these :) T.

  3. Wow, what a surprise to open my blog reader and see this. Thanks ladies for your comments and especially Laura featuring my work with her kind words.
    & I always wish for snow which, of course, we never have here in Sydney.


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