Monday, September 13, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Back to School

1. classroom, in candy colors., 2. Red Delicious, 3. Principles of Literary, 4. old books, 5. high school 2, 6. Safely Walk to School Without A Sound 7. Recess Is Over 8. Knowledge 9. Shadows


  1. Great collection :)

    I love these :)

    Happy Back to school everyone :) T.

  2. Wonderful back to school mosaic!

  3. Looove these. I remember seeing RiotJane's classroom photo when I first joined FPOE and being like, "WOW." I love seeing the gritty urban decay-yet-beauty in old buildings like this. And books in general make me smile!! Great selections!

  4. Thanks, guys! It was my first time making the mosaic but it was a lot of fun digging through so many shops and photostreams. There is so much talent in FPOE!

  5. Victoria, thanks for including my school jacket and year book. I love the theme, you really did a beautiful job!!!


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