Tuesday, August 24, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

The thing about the Female Photographers of Etsy is that whilst we all come together to discuss photography, share ideas & hints, promote each other, advise & be there for each other we are all over the world. We are inspired by many many different things. So for a while i've been wanting to do this feature, it's a chance to see the world of fPOE, of course through their lens.

This week we're off to West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA (high up on the east coast is all i know) to check out the wonderful work of Mary Vican. 
I've travelled all over the US, but i've missed the north east, & every time i see photos of the area i wish i could be there. The coast line is stunning & Mary portrays it perfectly. As i look through her work i wish i could transport myself there, there's an immense feeling of peace & tranquility about her work. & you can see her love for it in her work. 

I love the symplicity of the image above, taken off the docks in Jamestown, it has a minimalist feel to it. & the linear aspect is something that always draws me in as an artist. Throw in the black & white & you can help but want to hang this picture on your wall & gaze at it for hours. 

But her landscapes don't just focus on the water, she shows us beauty that's all around her.

But even when she ventures away from her surrounds to bring us still lifes, the peace still remains. Mary's photography has an eternal quality to, these are pictures that will speak to us for years to come & never loose their appeal. They bring back childhood memories, feelings & emotions you thought you had forgotten. It's as if you've stepped into the photograph, can feel & hear, touch & smell all that is around you ...

... a perfect summers day ...

... a perfect flower ... 

... the energy of the fair. 

All the images i've included in this post are available for sale in Mary's etsy store. You can also view more of her work on her blog & her flickr page. Mary also has a buy one get one free offer currently running through her shop. 


  1. Wonderful feature on Mary and her lovely work! Thanks for the sharing.
    Peace, Judi

  2. Great feature on a fabulous photographer/artist & special person!!

  3. What a nice surprise to see this! You can come to RI anytime...actually, summer is better...don't come in winter, because I'll be snowed in. :)

  4. Great photos...They are lovely and engaging.
    The tree composition shows a nice use of negative space. Thank you for sharing her work.


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