Friday, July 2, 2010

Where You Live - Elle Moss

Elle Moss, Saline, Michigan, USA

Elle Moss Photography

Alice B. Gardens Photography

Photographer Elle Moss lives in Saline, a small farming town in South East Michigan, with a quaint downtown and hilly, tree-lined landscapes. It's only ten minutes away from Ann Arbor, known as "tree town," which Elle likes to visit for outdoor shooting. "Nichols Arboretum and Matthai Botanical Gardens are gorgeous through all seasons," she says.

Regardless of living close to downtown, the local wildlife is ever-present, even in her own backyard. Rabbits, groundhogs, raccoons, and birds and many other woodland creatures stop by, and she once counted fourteen deer in her yard!

The Birds

Saline has all four seasons; long Winters, hot Summers, and short, but beautiful, Fall and Spring. Elle appreciates the beauty of snowstorms, but prefers the comfort of the warmer weather. During the colder months, she takes advantage of interesting interiors to use as backgrounds for her portraits.

The Butterfly Keeper

Although a large part of Elle's work features dark and mysterious self-portraits, some of her favourite subjects include beaches, flowers, carnivals, balloons, people and "kitschy, vintage anything." You can see this influence in her alter ego's Etsy Shop, Alice B. Gardens.


Places she's visited: Detroit, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Mexico, Orlando, Tampa, London, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and California. One of her favourite places is close to home~ Lake Michigan, which has beautiful beaches and quaint towns.

On her list of places to see: France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Scotland, Ireland, Australia Hawaii, Portland, Oregon and San Francisco

If you'd like to see more of Elle's work, visit her here:




~Interview by Caitlin Brookes


  1. It was so nice to learn more about Elle. I adore her photos (who doesn't?) and can relate to living in a small country town. She's a true inspiration. :)

  2. Great piece, L. is definitely an inspiration :)

    Oh, I want to go to Italy and Spain too! (fPOE photography trip?!?! :) T.

  3. I too, adore Elle's photograph. I've been a fan for sometime.

  4. What a nice feature. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This sounds like a beautiful, family-friendly place to live...somewhere I'd like to grow up!

  6. Caitlin your so talented. Elle You are an inspiration!!!


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