Monday, March 22, 2010

fPOE Member of the Week...Futurowoman

This weeks featured fPOE member is Texas photographer Nancy L. Stockdale - Futurowoman.
Please visit:
Her Etsy Shop.
Her Flickr
Her Facebook Fan Page.
Her Twitter.


  1. I love her work and own the 2nd pic down!

  2. beautiful work! i love the 1st & 2nd shots especially! :)

  3. Oh wow, I am SO HONORED! Thank you so much! :) I still need to do a blog post about our great fPOE book! I need to order a copy, too xo

  4. wow, i love your blog! :)

  5. I know her work since a long time. I love it., She has a lovely way to see and capture with her camera the things.

    I would like to say that u ve a fantastic blog. Its the first time that i visit, but its not the last.

    I invite u to visit my blog too or my website of photography.

    Take care, and c u soon!
    One hug,
    Beatriz M.


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