Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday Night Montage (a little late)

One year ago....beloved photographers Alicia Bock & Susannah Conway started a journey entitled The Favorite Things Project. It started out simple: two girls who like to take pictures photograph their favorite things once a week and then match them side by side. One year later, it has blossomed into a full work of sweet and curious art that can stand on its own. The year long project was completed yesterday.

I swoon over the secrecy of these images. I stare at how uncanny their photo chemistry is. Susannah explains the process here:

the only process is this: we each take a photograph of a favourite thing, whatever it is, each week. We don't discuss what we will photograph - Alicia sends me her shot on Sunday night (in the US) so i receive it on Monday morning (in the UK). I put the photos together and publish them here. We are both constantly amazed by how the photos work so well together - one week we'd both photographed spoons, totally by chance!

alicia: susannah
I have to say this idea has become one of my favorite things, and has inspired many of us here at fPOE to create our own tiny pairing projects. We are all roughly around week 10. This one stood out to me this week. :)

So thank-You Alicia & Susannah; the magical inspiration continues...

until next week,
i . heart. diptychs


  1. thank you, love, I'm so glad you've enjoyed our wee project :)

  2. Very inspirational and beautiful collaboration!

  3. Great post. I totally agree. It will be missed.

  4. Stunning work by two wonderful photographers!


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