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around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Chico, California

So after a short break for the Christmas holidays (it's been crazy busy on my side of the world) i'm back & super excited about this weeks "around the world with fpoe" ... not that i'm not excited every week but for the very simple reason we're heading to California. Now before i go any further this has nothing to do with photography or the images i will be show casing just that i love California. See we have only managed one stop off here, visiting LA & checking out the stunning photography of Myan. So without any further ado i present to you the world of the Dizzy Pixie (love that name i feel as if it sums up me & my little "pretty shiny over there world) & Briana Morrison. 

Briana works with a variety of cameras to produce her wonderfully dreamy, soft, vintage images. They have that quality that i can't quite put into words (or that could be pregnancy brain & my current issue with words) but i could happily hang each & every last one of her pretties on the walls of my house. It helps that she chooses the same subjects that speak to me also ... the random & the small as well as the more obvious. She sees the details, explores colour & texture & leaves us feeling as if we've glimpsed some private moment that would have otherwise passed us by. I love that feeling ... seeing something that the world wouldn't otherwise reveal & leaving us with the impression we've been let in on a secret of some kind. When i look at Briana's photography i am left feeling as though the actual colour itself isn't so important as the way the light falls on the subject & the emotions it brings out in us the viewer. 

& now for some of my favourite things ... (ok so stating the obvious on this first one) ... 

... Paris ( i can't put into words how much i love this city & i hate cities) ... 

... & kitties (anyone who's read my blog knows how much of a sucker i am for a kittie picture).

& as with every week all the images you see here are for sale on etsy, & you can view more work by the Dizzy Pixie on Flickr & her gorgeous blog. Have a wonderful fabulous new year everyone & we will see you in 2011!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's New Jersey, USA

After a couple of weeks in Canada ... OttawaLondon, & Ottawaagain & Sydney in between, we're finally heading back to the big ol' US of A, & the east coast, or more specifically New Jersey & the work of Preeti Desai & her stunning shopPreetalina. When i headed over to Preeti's shop the first thing that hit me was the colour, everything is so vivid. I mean we're talking every spectrum of the rainbow here, glorious technicolor at it's best. & on this cold bleak December morning as i write this it couldn't be any more of a refreshing change. The next thing that hits me about Pretti's work is how gorgeous it is because gorgeous really is the word. It's that kind of pretty you see in a movie, the light has that magical quality & i expect to see two long lost lovers appear as if from nowhere. 

From the landscape to the macro Preeti is another of those artists who seems to understand the way nature works. She sees the small & simple beauty's in it, the subtle characteristics that we wouldn't notice. & she understands it in a way that gives us this Hollywood picture perfect place. Like a sprinkling of fairy dust or the chalk drawing in Mary Poppins you can just jump into it sometimes feels too good to be true. But here we are staring into her beautiful photographs & we know she saw this, it's her view of the world. & here again there is a little of the dream like quality, a haze that covers it all adding to the romance & the ethereal feel of her work whilst those bright bold tones show us nature in all it's brilliant glory. I honestly can't imagine a winter in this place!

But it isn't just nature in the obvious sense she understands there's the abstract ...

the skyward ...

& my absolute favourite of them all (he's adorable) ...

As with every week all the images you see in this post are available to buy on etsy. & you can also view more of Preetalina on flickr, her website & her blog. 

Mosaic Monday: Red and Green

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Ottawa, Canada (again)

So this week in our around the world travels we're not really traveling very far ... 2 weeks ago (yes i was lax) we checked out the stunning landscapes of Jennifer Squires Ross (& i remain in awe of that work) over in London, Canada & this week we're returning to Ottawa having previously visited there to explore the work of Caitlin Brookes. The one thing i have noticed so far in our exploration of Canada is the nature inspired imagery ... all these photographers have made me want to visit, to see their back garden so to speak. The wonderful flowers, butterflies, lakes & such ... it really blows my mind to see the things nature has to offer us & the way our FPoE members interpret it. & this week is no exception. Shawna Cameron's photography is full of life, bright vivid colours spanning ever colour of the rainbow (& i love how her shop is organized into such colours ... i have to admit i got a little side tracked by the red). She captures the small details in things, & creates wonderful abstracts that look more like paintings than actual photographs. 

Shawna seems to have that understanding of nature that i will never get. It's not just a matter of knowing what will look pretty but she can take the things that have no obvious beauty & turn them into something special. She sees colour, & form all around her & gives the impression of never having left her back yard (& if i discover this is her back yard i will be incredible jealous). Even in the neutrals the colours spring from the page, drawing you in as the viewer. You want to explore this garden, see ever little nook & can imagine the smells on a spring day. Shawna employs a wonderful depth of field in her work making even the smallest of things seem larger than life, i feel as though I'm a burrower (if you know who they are) exploring the world around me. 

& obviously the same skills she employs through her nature can be seen in the simple scenes she captures else where ... this bird relaxing after a hard days work ...

more red (because it is getting close to Christmas) ...

& yummies!!

As usual all the images you see here are available for sale in Shawna's etsy store. You can view more of her work on flickr.

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Going Thru The Alphabet.

L. is for Love

I really hope you enjoyed my take on LOVE, let me know what you think :)

Have a Wonderful Day! T. :)


Photos By Chipperfield (Etsy Shop)

PoppyPlacePdx (Blog)